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Together We Are Stronger: workshops for young carers and their family members

The Erasmus+ funded TOGETHER project is now reaching its final steps.

In the last few months the consortium has been involved in the implementation of training workshops for young carers (aged 13 to 25) and their family members. The workshops aimed to encourage open conversations about the condition of the cared for person and the impact caring has on the young person, as well as how the whole family can respond to this in order to support each other. This experience has been an opportunity for young carers and their family members to reflect and share their feelings on different aspects of the caring relationship.

The workshop has been held in the different partners’ countries and saw the involvement of 25 young carers and 18 family members.

The consortium is now pleased to launch the workshop implementation guide. The “Together We Are Stronger” guide includes information on how to implement Together project’s workshops, an introduction on the workshops’ methodology, all the necessary materials and a description of the piloting workshops held in the different partners’ countries.

The guide is now available in English on the project website at the following link:

2. Together We Care: training course for professionals

One of the last actions of the project has been to create an online training course for professionals working in the youth, family and disability sectors.

The course is divided into 5 different modules dealing with different topics:

  1. Introduction to young carers and the whole family approach;
  2. How to make use of the awareness raising resources;
  3. Implementation of the workshops;
  4. How to evaluate the impact of these actions at local level;
  5. European good practices.

The online training course is now available in English, German, Greek and Italian, and it is freely accessible after registration.

If you are a professional working with young people or families and you want to attend the course, please access it from the following link:

3. Next steps

Next month the TOGETHER project consortium will be piloting the e-learning course. Professionals working with young carers and/or their families, from the different partners countries, will be testing the online course and giving feedback about it. Once the piloting stage is complete, final amendments will be made to the course. Stay tuned for new information!

Newsletter 2, January 2022

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