Launch of innovative resources to raise awareness of young carers and a whole family approach.

The first research phase led by the Together (A Whole Family Approach for Young Carers) project partnership showed a lack of resources that promote open conversations about caring roles within the family. This research also highlighted a need to help professionals recognise and support young carers using a whole family approach. Moreover, according to a recent study led by the University of East Anglia*, young carers tend to describe the support they give to their families as key to their relationships and identity. The normalisation of their role can lead adults to underestimate the potential negative effects that caring responsibilities, during childhood and adolescence, can have.

It has become clear that there is a need to raise awareness about young carers, encouraging conversations about the impact that caring has on the lives of all family members, as well as helping professionals to identify and support young carers.

What are the Together resources and how can they be used?

Based on the findings collected, different resources were developed with the aim to ensure young carers receive the attention and support they need, both from society and their families.
Each partner developed different resources: one addressed to young carers to help them self-identify and realise that they are not alone; one for families to encourage an open and honest conversation, and finally, a resource for
professionals working in the youth sector to help them identify and support young carers.

All the resources developed are available on the project website at the following

The resources have already been through a pilot phase that saw the involvement of almost 100 people (young carers, family members and professionals). This piloting aimed to validate the usefulness and appropriateness of the resources created. All resources received positive feedback and were particularly appreciated for their innovativeness and for conveying relevant messages.

For more information on the piloting results and on the use of the different resources you can consult the “Guide for use of the resources” available on the project website at the following link:

* Blake-Holmes K. (2020). Understanding the needs of young carers in the context of the
covid-19 global pandemic. School of Social Work, University of East Anglia, CRCF.

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